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The Team

Patch and Frisky's creator is Julian Bashford. Growing up in rural Bucks, Julian spent many days walking the woods and fields with his family, and at night, his late father would make up stories of two pups who lived on a farm, with naughty Charlie the Crow. This show is inspired by his stories. Julian is also creator and exec producer of other shows, including BooSnoo, which is currently entering into pre-production.

The animation skills are provided by our friends at Studio Liddell. Their CG magic has been seen in such amazing shows as Roary the Racing Car, Raa Raa the Noisy Lion, Doctor Who : DALEK and Ranger Rob. Joining the team is our regular musical partner, Sandy Nuttgens, who has such a pedigree in creating amazing music and soundscapes for children's TV, theatre and events,

Our writing team is headed up by highly experienced childrens TV writer, Gillian Corderoy who has written CBeebies show Topsy and Tim, as well as Timmy Time, 64 Zoo Land and Postman Pat.

Script editor and additional writing comes from Visionality's partner writer, Jon Groves, who has co-developed or written many shows with Visionality as well as Raa Raa the Noisy Lion, Messy goes to OKIDO and The Hive.

Patch and Frisky's Granny Dee is played by Gillian Burke, from BBC's Springwatch programme.

Gillian is also joining the show in an advisory role.

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