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A Beautiful and Fun Pre-School Show

  • 26 x 7’ Show for Young Pre-schoolers
with a seasonal special too !
    Watercolour inspired 3D CG with 2D ‘moments’
    Pups enthusiastically voiced by young children
    Diverse cast and characters
    Soft emotional and natural world learning, and intergenerational relationships. Focussed, mindful and exuberant viewing for pre-schoolers
    Wildlife and child development advisors onboard
    A co-production with Studio Liddell

Every episode the Pups explore a fresh piece of their very own big outdoors in the various spaces of the garden, where they are let out to play by Grannie Dee.

Patch and Frisky both possess the wide-eyed curiosity, energy and innocence of young puppies, coupled with emotional wants and needs identical to those of our young audience (2-4 years old).

  • Butterflies and caterpillars

  • The wormery

  • Time for a checkup

  • The bird-brella (the clever bird feeder)

  • Sick animals

  • Different bees

  • Moths and lamps

  • Snail shells

  • Slugs and hedgehogs

  • Bats! Beep Beep Beep!

  • Bird song

  • The seasons

  • Telling the time from the sun

  • Staycation!

  • Watering plants

  • Seeds to seedlings

  • Even dogs brush their teeth

  • Growing carrots

  • Pawprints in the snow

  • Going tinkles!

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