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An original painting by Julian's father

Patch and Frisky : A Winter's Tail

01 Travelin' Soul - EditThe Blow Monkeys
  • 35 to 45 minute movie starring Patch and Frisky

  • Glorious visuals inspired by watercolours and colourful countryside landscapes

  • Memorable music by the UK's finest musicians

We grew up with Watership Down, the original animated film. It was dark, memorable, beautiful and inspiring - with Art Garfunkel's glorious Bright Eyes.

Patch and Frisky, the pre-school series, has an accompanying movie called A Winter's Tail for the youngest viewers looking for something less whizz-bang, and more embracing, wholesome and with subtle humour and fun. This is event viewing for the young viewers, looking for a heart warming film to sit together with family and enjoy as a Christmas treat.

The pups are on a narrow boating break - Granny Dee always did things a bit different, and Christmas on a boat sounded like fun. Because of a misunderstanding, Frisky is convinced she saw a white mystical being, heading into the woods, the pups get themselves lost and end up taking a difficult journey - this is a road movie, which starts with them overcome by the wide world, scared of the dark, the young owls, baby hedgehogs, the glowing eyes at night, the fox cubs, and badger cubs, who become their memorable friends. After all, P&F are all about pups of all types.


After taking that wrong turn, distracted by their belief that they spotted, both this time, a spirit in the snowstorm (it's not - it's a snowy owl!), and as a result, getting lost in the tall and scary grasses, and snow coming down, they seek sanctuary with an age old farm dog, Georgie, who has lost that tail wagging spirit. When they wake, the world is white, crisp and snowy. With the help of the wildlife that they encountered on their way, and the waypoints they passed, and tracks they made, they make it back to the boat, and to Granny Dee who was worried sick.

These pups trapped in the snow will melt even the coldest heart. We relish the visuals of seeing the pups, encouraged by their collective of new friends, making different shaped footprints in the snow, making it back to the the path of the "wild river" - with Georgie by their side, keeping them safe. How good it is to have another adventure!

The movie will feature a trip into a 2D story exploring the mystical side of winter and how life survives the snow and ice. In the beautiful midwinter, our pups take a journey of emotion, from bored, to excited, to scared, to warm and secure, to adventurous, making sure they never fall out, and never lose each other - and finally empowered to a victorious and tail waggy finish.


But not everyone is out to help. Charlie, the Crow (Proposing Danny Dyer), isn't to be trusted, but maybe he will learn his lesson.

spike_concept copy.png

A Winter's Tail has a simple linear story. It is a road trip, with clear characters, and a small amount of peril and worry, but teamwork and warmth. Like the TV series, the Patch and Frisky look will be used - CG watercolour backdrops, and 3D characters, heart warming tales of support and friendship, backed with the sounds and tracks of nature, and the musical songs about life the nature discovered by these two travelin' souls.

Writers : Julian Bashford & Jon Groves
Animation Studio : Studio Liddell
Incidental Music : Sandy Nuttgens


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