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Patch is a methodical thinker, an inquisitive and gentle puppy.

Patch has a special skill.  When necessary, he can slow down time so that an element of the natural world can be seen in slow motion in all its beauty, like the slow movements of a dragonfly’s wings. 

Through Patch’s special skill, there will be moments where time slows down or expands so that we can experience a natural element more fully - perhaps the opening of a butterfly’s wings seen in slow mo, or the sound of a seed cracking open beneath the earth.  It is, if you like, a Pup’s version of mindfulness.



Frisky is a quick thinker - sometimes TOO quick.

Patch may be fast, but Frisky has reaction times, and that is her special skill. For example.  She may see something which is happening too quickly for Patch.  Patch then slows things down so that we can all see it.

You need to quickly spot something, or to have lightning reactions to catch something, then Frisky is your pup. Patch’s skill is complimentary to Frisky’s skill.  Sometimes they work in tandem.



As old as time itself, or at least that’s what it seems, the old toad  (Bufo Bufo) at the back of the garden seems to always have vision of what has gone before.

A look into his puddle in the wildlife area, and he will let you see seasons past and seasons to come, how things came to be and how they will be in the future. (A switch into a different animation style - 2D drawings - showing how a seed becomes a flower, how a tadpole becomes a frog, how a chrysalis becomes a dragonfly)

Buffo is voiced by rumbling Harry Myers.


Dee, the Slow Mover

Like my Nan or yours, when you need guidance, or different angle to look at a problem, or you need a hose or a bucket, or the dog equivalent of a boiled sweet, then Granny Dee will be there.

We never see her up close, after all, dogs look at feet, don’t they? But wellies come into view, and place something in the garden that sparks of a new train of thought. At the end, we relish in a sketch from her sketch pad as the pups relax by her side.

Granny Dee is voiced by BBC Springwatch's Gillian Burke, who is also advising on the show's wildlife content.

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