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Joyful first discoveries of the natural world,
seen through the eyes of two enthusiastic young pups
navigating their way around the great outdoors

The adventures of Patch and Frisky were told to me by my Dad. When we were very small, we would go for walks in the country, and he would tell us about all the wildlife living in the woods, fields and gardens and then come home and recount our adventures as seen through the eyes of two Pups.

Since lockdown, we have found treasure in our own back garden, or the local green-space, and us parents know of the mental health benefit getting out into nature serves us all.

To me, childhood is a watercolour painting, it’s stumbling over our tails, it’s not being able to say complicated words and wondering if a ladybird is a friend.

With the help of our human friends, Studio Liddell, Gillian Burke from Springwatch who not only voices a character but also serves as wildlife advisor, writers Gillian Corderoy and Jon Groves and musician Sandy Nuttgens, we are delighted to re-introduce you to the joyful and innocent adventures of Patch and Frisky. We are all so passionate about Patch and Frisky, and the simple and charming stories that await our youngest viewers.

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